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Top 10 Countries To Retire To In 2015

According to a research for International Data,  3 million Baby Boomers will move out of the country when they retire! Are you surprised? I am not, there are so many other beautiful places that people find peace and security in besides the USA. After many years of living in the USA, some people look forward … Continue reading

Best Tips To Save Money When Traveling

It’s a new year and many of us are in the mist of planning our vacations! The bad part is that many people will spend a ton on things that they never thought to save on! Here are some tips on how to saving money while you travel: 1. Bring an empty bottle, so that … Continue reading

3 Travel Essentials

A lot of us will be traveling soon and because traveling can be stressful. The ride to airport may bring you unexpected road closures, enormous lines at the airport, crying kids, barking dogs or the annoying agent who doesn’t care that you booked your airplane ticket 3 months ago or the plane seats that doesn’t … Continue reading

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