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7 Steps To Turn Customers Into Prospects

Many of us who own small or large businesses, service a ton of customers! We acquire them from events, referrals, family members and as leads. You may be thinking, “How can I get more of them to become prospects?” This can be a challenge for some. I have learned, through experience and training, how to … Continue reading

3 Key Components To Remember When Launching Your New Business

There are hundreds and thousands of individuals who decided that, “Today is the day I will change my life and others around me by starting a business!” Why this is true, many people forget the core of being an independent business owner, which in turn, causing them to fail before they succeed. I have identified … Continue reading

The Hidden Fees of Higher Education

College is part of the American Dream but it’s putting students and their families lives in a bad financial nightmare. Student loans in America have reached $1.2 trillion dollars!! Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, a personal finance expert, stated that, “Many thousands of hidden fees are involved, that many people don’t budget for”. People think of upfront cost … Continue reading

3 Keys To Look For In Network Marketing Company

In the wake of some of network marketing companies like Lia Sophia and Wake Up Now closing their doors, many people are left thinking, “how can I choose the right company?” Or “Will this happen to my current company?”In my experience, there are 3 keys to look for in a network marketing company. Also these … Continue reading

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