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Tips For Cleaning Your Makeup Accessories

I personally use my makeup brushes and sponges everyday. Whether it be to apply BB Cream or foundation, it is very important that you keep your accessories cleaned for bacteria reason. Here is the best and most, inexpensive way to do so: Makeup Brushes  Clean every two weeks to reduce bacteria and excess makeup. Use … Continue reading

10 Must-Haves For Your Emergency Beauty Kit!!

I know that we all have an emergency toolkit or first aid kit in our cars just in case of an emergency! But do you have an emergency beauty kit for on-the-go? This isn’t like your typical makeup bag, it goes beyond and I have listed the top 10 items you will need to have…in … Continue reading

Freshen Up Your Makeup In a Flash!!!

I often find myself with limited time to freshen up my makeup when heading to evening meetings. Learning these quick tips, helped me to get a beautiful touch up without the rush or mess!! When you’re in a hurry, it’s important to highlight features instead of stressing over an entire face makeover! Here are 2 … Continue reading

Skincare Sunday: Bar Soap vs. Gel Cleanser

Alongside being a full-time mom, blogger, wife and entreprenuer, I am a skincare specialist. I get calls from various clients who need a free skincare consult. In my doing, I have learned that many of my clients use bar soap to cleanse their skin and is not aware of the harm that it can cause. … Continue reading

Winter Pink Lippie….

If you are anything like me, I love to play in makeup! I love to find out what colors look good and mix well!! This Winter, I have experimented the pink and purple lip colors and I wanted to share how you can get a incredible Pink lip in four easy steps: Apply Avon Wildberry … Continue reading

Beautiful Brows On A Budget

Pluck, Wax, or Thread on my!!! Tis the season to be beautiful! I know that you are preparing for your company party or family gathering for the holidays and you want to look your best, but at a budget!! Getting perfect brows isn’t like the days of old when you had to use a brow … Continue reading

Never Heard of Skincare Tips

    As a mom, I know that I strive as much as possible to care for my skin. I have a routine, branded products, and I try to protect myself from outside extremities that may affect my overall skincare beauty. But there are things that I do on a day to day basis that … Continue reading

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