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How To Win Over Your Client In 60 seconds!

Approaching a new client is no different than approaching a friends newborn, you have to approach them with ease. I have learned this the hard way. I have been too pushy, loud or blunt! This has cause me to lose them before I have gained them! Through experience, I have learned that approach is the key … Continue reading

What is Your Personal Recruiting Style?

Ok be honest, in the beginning of your network marketing career, can you remember yourself or another team mate saying these statements: I am not a salesperson, or I don’t think I can go out and get people to join my team. This has come out of the mouth of so many people I have personally sponsored. I remember those … Continue reading

10 Principles To Become A Top Recruiter In Your Home Business

How much success do I deserve? Mark Twain quoted, ” Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear-not absence of fear.” We should all should say to ourselves, I want it, I deserve it, and I can do it! Success is definitely earned. Learning the key principles of recruiting will transform your business and your life! … Continue reading

What Will Americans Give Up For Vacation?

How much will you be willing to sacrifice for a fantastic family vacation? If you are like most Americans, at least to some people, too much! A surprising number of people would, stop paying bills, neglect mortgage or rent to go on vacation. This is shocking to me! From trip.com, a vacation search engine, survey … Continue reading

The Game Of No Limits

So many people imprison their dreams and goals by not believing that what they want is possible. Many truly understand the power of you do, you get but they don’t understand how our thoughts control our world. When I was a child, I could remember using phrases such as, I can’t, I am not, I … Continue reading

20 Things That will Increase Your Wealth

I have come across so many people that say, ” I want to be wealthy”, as a unknown poet quoted, “Wealth consist of not having great possession, but in having a few wants”. There are so many people that think that in order to have wealth you have to have money! Why having money is … Continue reading

7 Steps To Turn Customers Into Prospects

Many of us who own small or large businesses, service a ton of customers! We acquire them from events, referrals, family members and as leads. You may be thinking, “How can I get more of them to become prospects?” This can be a challenge for some. I have learned, through experience and training, how to … Continue reading

3 Key Components To Remember When Launching Your New Business

There are hundreds and thousands of individuals who decided that, “Today is the day I will change my life and others around me by starting a business!” Why this is true, many people forget the core of being an independent business owner, which in turn, causing them to fail before they succeed. I have identified … Continue reading

The Hidden Fees of Higher Education

College is part of the American Dream but it’s putting students and their families lives in a bad financial nightmare. Student loans in America have reached $1.2 trillion dollars!! Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, a personal finance expert, stated that, “Many thousands of hidden fees are involved, that many people don’t budget for”. People think of upfront cost … Continue reading

Top 10 Countries To Retire To In 2015

According to a research for International Data,  3 million Baby Boomers will move out of the country when they retire! Are you surprised? I am not, there are so many other beautiful places that people find peace and security in besides the USA. After many years of living in the USA, some people look forward … Continue reading

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