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How To Win Over Your Client In 60 seconds!

Approaching a new client is no different than approaching a friends newborn, you have to approach them with ease. I have learned this the hard way. I have been too pushy, loud or blunt! This has cause me to lose them before I have gained them! Through experience, I have learned that approach is the key to lasting relationships and your client could actually become a good connector(referral) in your business. Here are a few tips I use that will help you win your client…quickly!

A simple compliment: complimenting what they are wearing, a piece of jewelry or even a perfume/cologne scent will break the ice. It will instantly open their heart to what you have to offer. You have hit gold when you do this in a natural way. I always do it with ease.

Finding commonality right away: I am really good at this. If you noticed that you both have the same cars, you can speak on it immediately. Most of my clients are on some type of social media platform. You can glance their profile prior to meeting or approaching them. 

Use F.O.R.M. : From-“Where are you from?”, Occupation-“What do you do for a living?”, R-“What do you do for fun?”, and Money-“Are you open to earning income outside of what you already do.” This has help me to win over so many people in a such a short time. Even local cashiers!

I hope this helped you understand that there are many ways to win over your client. You can’t just rant off what you, this will cause them to run! If you have some tips on how to win over clients please feel free to comment below!



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