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What is Your Personal Recruiting Style?

Ok be honest, in the beginning of your network marketing career, can you remember yourself or another team mate saying these statements: I am not a salesperson, or I don’t think I can go out and get people to join my team. This has come out of the mouth of so many people I have personally sponsored. I remember those words coming out of my own mouth. We have to remember that when we make these statements, we now own the issue. In order to change this, we have to figure out our style. Identifying my style, had allowed me to put over 100 personals in my last direct selling business. Here are a few styles that will help you recruit more.

1. Instinctive Recruiter: You believe in business and have no qualms about approaching people who will benefit.  You know what to do and do it without hesitation.  Recruiting is second nature to you and you recruit consistently.

2. Intrepid Recruiter: You are determined, focused, and prepared to do whatever it takes to build your organization.  You don’t let setbacks spoil your chance of success.  You motto is, “Some will, some won’t, so what, who’s next?”

3. Intuitive Recruiter: You have great empathy with others.  You can spot potiential prospects at a hundred places and you know how to push the right buttons to get them excited.

4. Influential Recruiter: You are a natural leader. Charismatic and confident. You use your outstanding communication skills to present the business personally. Prospects are impressed by your strength and pleased you approached them.

These last few are for Superstars in the Making: 

5. Inspired Recruiter: You see yourself as an ambassador for the business. You are chosen by a strong belief in the product and you love spreading the word. Prospects admire your strong conviction and loyalty to your brand.

6. Inquisitive Recruiter: Eager to learn as much as you can about recruiting. Personal development. Seek role models, attend all meetings. But you need action

7. Idealist Recruiter: Focus on product and benefits at expense of business.

8. Incentive Seeker: Focus on achieving incentives set out by team leader and company. Should sit and plan with this induvidual

I want to hear what your style is in the comments section below. I am an influential recruiter and that stands strong in my current company. Identifying your style will not only allow you to recruit and communicate well with your future business partners but it will create community and culture in your business.



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