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What Will Americans Give Up For Vacation?

How much will you be willing to sacrifice for a fantastic family vacation? If you are like most Americans, at least to some people, too much! A surprising number of people would, stop paying bills, neglect mortgage or rent to go on vacation. This is shocking to me!

From trip.com, a vacation search engine, survey 1,500 people and 12% will ditch paying bills or skip rent or mortgage payment. 27% of these people were ages 45-50 years old. As parents, who wouldn’t want to take kids to a great experience vacations, as a oppose to have a secure financial future?

Alliance Life Insurance surveyed 4,500 individuals and it was split 50/50 down the middle. As a parent, I can understand the impulse, there is nothing more exciting then taking kids on vacation and seeing their faces. It is so much research to back it up. Last year a book called Consumption and Well-being In A Material World, analyzed decades of research about consumers and happiness. Vacations are up there along with social engagements with friends and family. Things you can spend money on that actual do make you happy.

For a family of 4, vacation can be expensive. It will cost about $1,400 per person to take a family of 4 on a great vacation. This is upwards of $5,000!!!

What will be the solution?

  • Plan your vacations. It should be in your financial planning not skipping bills.
  • Join a travel club. You will receive wholesale pricing on travel and there are so many other perks! For more information on the world’s leading travel club, go to http://www.creategoodtimes.com


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