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The Game Of No Limits

So many people imprison their dreams and goals by not believing that what they want is possible. Many truly understand the power of you do, you get but they don’t understand how our thoughts control our world. When I was a child, I could remember using phrases such as, I can’t, I am not, I don’ think I can…….Every time those words rolled off my tongue my mom would say..Why would you speak limitations over your life? She taught me the game of no limits and anyone can play, we have 3 rules:

1. Your new mantra is: I am an irresistible magnet for phenomenal success.  Read this daily and post it in  a place where you would see it everyday. My bathroom mirror has turned into the mirror of success! I get to rejuvenate my thoughts every morning!

2. Self Talk Is Key: Your words are poison or a rainbow. It is important to monitor them. It is so valuable! Your words are your wand. What you say, you make come true.

3. People In your Life: Think of the people in the different categories listed below and where they fit. Next You can write letters to people in your life about being a healthy individual in your life, got-to-go, etc… This will give you as sense of who you need to keep in your life and who you need to gently let go.

  •      Healthy: Supporters and integrity: these need to be huge in your life.
  •      Not-So-Healthy: a little self centered.
  •      Got-to-go: Ugly Personality.
  •      Neutral: No harm and open possibility.

Fill your life and time with the right people, who speak your language or who you can grow with. Like the saying, “Birds of the same feather, flock together”. You are who you associate yourself with. If you want to change your life, change what you say, do, and who you associate with! You will win the game of no limits!



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