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20 Things That will Increase Your Wealth

I have come across so many people that say, ” I want to be wealthy”, as a unknown poet quoted, “Wealth consist of not having great possession, but in having a few wants”. There are so many people that think that in order to have wealth you have to have money! Why having money is good, you have to become the person who can handle the wealth.  “True wealth is the ability to fully experience life”. You are not truly wealthy until you have gained something that money can’t buy. I wanted to share 20 things that will increase your wealth.

1. Save first then spend what you can truly afford.

2. Study wealthy people: chose a role model.

3. Ask for help!

4. Do regular visualizations: walk around for an hour each day and act like you are wealthy

5. Make a joy list of everything you love doing.

6. Continue to stretch yourself.

7. Get comfortable with money: practice writing checks for millions of dollars or getting paid a million

8. Always give more than you were paid for.

9. An attitude of gratitude: think of all good things nightly.

10. Stop seeing poverty as a problem and treat it as a challenge.

11. Watch out for old patterns of poverty.

12. Stop wasting time on unimportant things.

13. Write down good ideas as soon as they come to you.

14. Regularly practice positively techniques.

15. Make sure you pay yourself first.

16. Know your weakness.

17. Get in touch with your passion everyday! Excitement & passion are contagious!

18. Take the fear out of making money.

19. Change what you’re truly worth.

20. Keep going.

Wealth starts with personal development and having clear direction. There are going to be so many hurdles that you will have to overcome but begin with the end in mind!!!



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