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7 Steps To Turn Customers Into Prospects

Many of us who own small or large businesses, service a ton of customers! We acquire them from events, referrals, family members and as leads. You may be thinking, “How can I get more of them to become prospects?” This can be a challenge for some. I have learned, through experience and training, how to easily convert them to prospects in just 7 easy steps that I will share with you!

1. Service them consistently: Many of my current customers that I have, love the fact that I always give them dated material on what is going on with our products. Loyalty creates longevity!

2. Take every opportunity to sow seeds about the business: I always to do so as long as they remain customers! Life changes for people and you never know when they are ready. Here are some suggestions on what to say to your customers. “I love helping people buy their products direct and my company is so much fun to work for!” ” I was looking for a part-time job and never imagined I would find a career as rewarding as this. I love the freedom of working when I choose.” ” Working from home means I can deduct expenses off on my taxes.”

3. Keep antenna up for champions: For example, if someone say, “I love the product” Say  ” I love them too, that is why I chose my company when I started my business. I can’t believe I get paid to recommend products I love using!”

4. When you feel the time is right to make your approach, don’t rush in: Start call by saying, “First of all, I want to thank you for being one of my favorite customers”, and you will set the right tone.

5. Listen carefully: If the prospect says, ” Yes but…”, or “Not me”, you are about to learn valuable information! Listen without interruption so you won’t miss the point! You can ask them, “What makes you think that?”

Answer: “It’s not may thing” Ask these questions

A. What is the best job you have had?

B. What was the worst? Why?

C. What’s your perfect job?

6. Tailor your approach to suit your customer’s personality: An example, customer has spark, try a creative approach..”How would you like to come to Maui?” Your response, “Let’s meet for half an hour so e can talk more. This business isn’t for everyone, but I have a feeling you would be a great fit. We certainly need people with credibility and passion but you will know in a few minutes if it is for you”. Please remember objective is to set up an interview, not sell business.

7. Don’t sign customers as home buyers and stop contacting them once they start ordering direct: You can say “You are one of my best customers. How would you like to buy your products wholesale?” OR “Did you know you could earn enough to get your products free just by signing a few customers?”OR “You are a natural seller” OR ” Your enthusiasm is contagious, how would you like to earn an extra $ 500 per month.”

Awesome right? Using these things that I demonstrated will help you convert customers to prospects in no time! Remember to do so with ease and understanding that network marketing isn’t for everyone!! Please comment and tell me how useful this information will be for you?



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