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3 Key Components To Remember When Launching Your New Business

There are hundreds and thousands of individuals who decided that, “Today is the day I will change my life and others around me by starting a business!” Why this is true, many people forget the core of being an independent business owner, which in turn, causing them to fail before they succeed. I have identified 3 components that will help anyone get off to a great start and stay at it!!

1. Finding the “Emotional Why” . You will find that many people start their own business for some reason or another. Most people reasons would be to make an extra income, to stay home full-time with kids, to retire early or comfortably. I have had people join to pay bills. There will be many reasons why people start their own business but what is more important is not their reason why they started, but the reason why they should finish. My why started off just to be a full-time mom but when I see that I was able to do that in my home-based business, my why become more emotional. My husband is truly the reason why I plan on finishing it! He works full-time then leaves work to tend to our small cleaning business that we have alongside other streams of income. He puts in over 60 hours of work per week so that we can continue living comfortable. However, all of that work doesn’t allow us much leisure time and he is often very exhausted day in and day out.  His hard work and tenacity, has made me work that much harder on achieving a financial freedom and security within our multiple streams of income!! Retiring him from his job is my ultimate goal! So, you see how your why should make you cry? It has to be in the core of your being!

2. Dreams and Goals. Have you sat down with yourself or your success team and vividly described what your goals and dreams are? The power of a dream board will solve this! Recently, I sat down with my 3 year-old we made a dream board of all the places we want to travel. She looked at me and said, “Mom, this can really happen!” and I said “It will!!” If we all could just have the mind of a 3 year-old and know that what we think will happen, will happen..wouldn’t life be much easier? You must dream big dreams!! Our goals are part of our dreams! Use the S.M.A.R.T. method when setting goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time).

3. Building Relationships. This is something that we all learned very young in life. How to communicate with our parents, being a helper for our teacher, helping others with duties and task, and so forth. We learned how to build lasting relationships based on how the person made us feel. I can remember growing up meeting different people and if they left a good impression on me, I can still remember something about them to this day. Anything positive will surely affect you as an adult. The base of our understanding about relationships stems from some of our past experiences. That is why it is imperative for us to build lasting relationships in our business so that we can continue growing in life. As leaders, this is very important.

You should get out a paper and pen and go jot down what your emotional why is for doing your business, what are your dreams and goals, and why is it important for you to build relationships whether business or non-business related. Post this somewhere that you will see it daily or write it on a post card that can be kept with your daily. This is a surefire way to achieve what you want in life!!



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