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3 Keys To Look For In Network Marketing Company

In the wake of some of network marketing companies like Lia Sophia and Wake Up Now closing their doors, many people are left thinking, “how can I choose the right company?” Or “Will this happen to my current company?”In my experience, there are 3 keys to look for in a network marketing company. Also these attributes quite frankly determines a persons longevity with a company.

1. Self-development: This should be the #1 thing we look for in the company! Support, training, personal growth, and mentorship. In my current network marketing company, we have some of the Greatest trainers in the industry! We are taught step by step on how to be successful in this industry. We are taught accountibility, and personal development. Personal development is certainly key! If you aren’t familiar with personal development it’s simply, the building of oneself with the use of motivational, self-help material. Whether it be a Youtube video, book, or mentoring, it is learning that you seek on your own, that can be useful for a lifetime! Now think of this, are you being groomed in your business?

2.Product: This is the vehicle for your success and you must believe in it!  The product has to be appealing, useful to many, and solve a problem. If the product is in demand, the people will come!

3.Comp plan: So many people lead with this, when it should be just a bonus! Comp plan is not the first to look for. This is the #1 reason companies fold because of finances. If you are focused on getting into a business because they have a stronger comp plan, then your motives are wrong and you will fall hard!

What we have to understand is that you can create freedom in network marketing but it is has to start in your mind. You have to believe that the company you have chosen is your vehicle for success and that you have all the right tools to make that happen. Now do not depend sole on your success team to carry you to the finish line, it is you who have to get their first in your mind and then in your actions. It is never a good thing, when a company closes its doors and it is nothing to celebrate. I hope that those representatives in Lia Sophia and Wake Up Now can take what they have learned, build on it and continue to dream. 

If these 3 keys to look for in a network marketing company were helpful to you, please comment below. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. To partner with me go to http://www.creategoodtimes.com



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