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Best Tips To Save Money When Traveling


It’s a new year and many of us are in the mist of planning our vacations! The bad part is that many people will spend a ton on things that they never thought to save on! Here are some tips on how to saving money while you travel:

1. Bring an empty bottle, so that you can refill it while on vacation. Most TSA will allow you to bring an empty water bottle on the plane. This will help you to avoid purchasing water at astronomical prices! Especially at theme parks!

2. Travel rewards program can help you save money for future travel! Many people use rewards programs for flights and sometimes car rental. But did you know that you can get travel rewards for your vacation destinations? You can and there is a link below for more information.

3. Ask concierge about hotel service or events in the area in which you will vacation. This will save you time and money.

4. Get discounts on restaurants to save you money. Look ahead of time at the restaurants in the area at which will stay! There are some great discounts out there, you just have to know where to find them!

5. Make sure that you have a fridge put in your hotel room, so that you don’t have to eat out everyday. You can keep simple foods and smaller meals in your room by visiting a grocery store near by!

All of these great tips can be used when you are traveling! You will be happy that you saved even $20! That can be used on shopping or entertainment! For more information on travel discount rewards program! feel free to visit http://www.creategoodtimes.com  Now you know…pass it on!!



2 thoughts on “Best Tips To Save Money When Traveling

  1. empty bottle is a good idea 🙂

    Posted by alicedymally | January 27, 2015, 9:28 pm

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