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10 Must-Haves For Your Emergency Beauty Kit!!

I know that we all have an emergency toolkit or first aid kit in our cars just in case of an emergency! But do you have an emergency beauty kit for on-the-go? This isn’t like your typical makeup bag, it goes beyond and I have listed the top 10 items you will need to have…in your car:

  1.  Disposable wipes or toiletry: I love to keep Fragrance-free wipes handy.They are good to use to remove my makeup before or after working out. It is also a life saver for us who have small children. It easily cleans up sticky or messy cheesy puffs .
  2. Toothbrush/paste/floss: I know that we all see the benefits of having these items on-hand! There are so many times when I will attend a family dinner, date night, or girls night out and find food crammed in that “favorite” food trap between my teeth. This can becoming irritable if  left too long, so always keep them handy just in case… to remove the debris!
  3. Manicure kit with nail polish remover: These are great! Awesome kit to have when you need to remove the hang nail or remove chipping polish. 
  4. Hand Lotion/Sanitizer: They go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other. Sanitizer is good for a quick clean but it contains alcohol, and it does nothing but dry out the skin. Follow it up with good a hand lotion or cream to solve that problem!
  5. Edge control/frizz control: These are good for “fly aways” or frizzy hair. No matter what hair type you have, you can relate to this issue. I find it very good for warmer weather, when we love to ride in the car with our windows down and hair blowing in the wind! Some guys need this too!
  6. Febreeze/Perfume: I leave a bottle of perfume in my car, just in case I forget to apply while home.  But I use it after I have left an area or place that allows smoking. As a Avon Representative, I do home parties and appointments and some people smoke in their homes. I just don’t like the smell of it in my clothes…..FEBREEZE IT.
  7. Deodorant: Ok, I know that I am not the only one who has forgotten to do this before leaving the house? Well, ALWAYS keep one in the car for back up!! Good to apply right before working out or just to freshen up! I love roll-ons, they don’t leave those awful stains on your clothes or deodorant balls under your armpits! Eeww!!
  8. Skincare Moisturizer: Again, good to use after showering during your work out. You will find it very beneficial during the winter when the weather is much drier,  often resulting in dry skin.
  9. Lipstick/Black eyeliner: There are days that I decide that I don’t want to do an entire face makeover but just a touch up! Rich Red lipstick is good and can be worn universally. Of course the black eyeliner will quickly turn your face from bare to beautiful! Apply above lashes and below the eye, use your finger to smudge and you get a smokey-eye look in an instance!
  10. Lipgloss: Many of us can agree that we have 3 or more of our favorite lipgloss! Keep a neutral colored lipgloss in your car to add shine to dull lips. I use this more than chapstick!

There are so many more items that you can possible have in your emergency beauty kit, please take a look below at the raw and comical video that I made with a friend about the emergency beauty kit! What are your must-haves for your on-the-go emergency beauty kit? Please comment below!



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