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Freshen Up Your Makeup In a Flash!!!

I often find myself with limited time to freshen up my makeup when heading to evening meetings. Learning these quick tips, helped me to get a beautiful touch up without the rush or mess!!

When you’re in a hurry, it’s important to highlight features instead of stressing over an entire face makeover! Here are 2 areas and tips to freshen them up in a flash:

Eyes: for a quick smokey eye, take a lip liner or purple eye pencil and put right above eyelids and use a q-tip or finger to smudge. Repeat along lower lash line and apply mascara.

purple eyeliner

Lips: Apply a rich berry or red lipstick for a bold, won’t-fade lip. Blot, create shape with pencil in a similar shade. Use a light circular motion to buff on. Finish with a bit more lipstick on top. Done!!

avon rich berry

This is easy to do and will meet the expectation for any busy woman! Do you have any quick tips or tricks to share? Feel free to comment!



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