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Skincare Sunday: Bar Soap vs. Gel Cleanser

Alongside being a full-time mom, blogger, wife and entreprenuer, I am a skincare specialist. I get calls from various clients who need a free skincare consult. In my doing, I have learned that many of my clients use bar soap to cleanse their skin and is not aware of the harm that it can cause. Understanding the disadvantage of using bar soap and advantage of using gel cleansers, will help you have long lasting beauty:

Bar Soap:

I am sure for some reason or another, we have all used bar soap on our face as an alternative for cleansing. Bar soap is good for our body but not as good for our face, the reasons being:

  • It Disturbs PH balance of skin. Our PH level should be normal, if it starts to get higher this is putting you into an acidic level that causes imbalancing of the hormones. This is when we start to get acne and pimple breakouts. They become worst the more bar soap is used.
  • It Dries out the skin, severely.
  • It leaves skin feeling tight and parched these are due to lack of moisturizer.

bar soap

Cleansing gel:

There are so many benefits to using gel cleansers. From the start of using a good cleanser, I totally noticed the difference in my skin appearance and feel. Some of the benefits are:

  • To Removes makeup, dirt, excess oil. sweat, bacteria, and dead skin.
  • Most gel cleansers have toner built into it, so you don’t have to get it as an additional product. Although, I have some clients who love to use toner in addition to their cleansers.
  • It is soap-free and oil-free. This is an advantage for those who have oily skin or combination of oily/dry because it doesn’t dry out your skin.
  • It is lightly foamed to lather away debris and it cleanse deeper as a foam.

anew cleanser gel....

Understanding the difference between bar soap vs. gel cleanser will greatly benefit you in the end. Your skin will love you for life and you will keep that youthful appearance longer! If there is a benefit of gel cleansers that I may have overlooked please feel free to leave a comment! It is important for us to educate each other!! If you are looking for a great gel cleanser, you can find it at http://www.morethanmakeup.biz




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