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3 Travel Essentials

A lot of us will be traveling soon and because traveling can be stressful. The ride to airport may bring you unexpected road closures, enormous lines at the airport, crying kids, barking dogs or the annoying agent who doesn’t care that you booked your airplane ticket 3 months ago or the plane seats that doesn’t recline! These 3 things will help you become a little less stressful:

High-Low Cardigan

While they are chic and easy to get on and off through security, they can keep you warm and cozy while you’re on the plane.

Eye cream

The plane ride can make your eyes really dry. So bring your eye cream. It’s better to have a roller because its easier to apply with no mess.


Bring your own headphones. The headphones that the plane provide can be uncomfortable and never sound great. Over-the-ear headphones will make your time on the plane peaceful, it drowns out noise. Take this time for you-time! Enjoy and relax!!

You can grab these items TODAY from http://www.morethanmakeup.biz have safe travels and enjoy!!!

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