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Get-Slim-Quick….Without Dieting!

The cold months are upon most of us and I must admit my days of working out is coming down to 2-3 days a week instead of 6, because of the colder weather. I’m not one who commits to gym memberships, when I can grab a pair of dumbells in my house or take a jog around my neighborhood. Getting ready for a recent party and thinking that I may not look too slim due to lack of workout. I pulled out my get-slim-quick products that every women needs in her closet for emergency beauty reasons!


Body Illusions Shapewear:

Many of us may have the same isssue, we just can’t get rid of that baby fat on our stomach, or we think that our thighs can use a little more attention. I have found Body Illusions Shapewear is a true fit!! In all its comfort, I love the fact that you don’t have all of the wiring that other shapewear has. With its maximum shaping.. power-cinche waist, it smooths your back, bottom, hips, thighs for that hourglass look! This is a “figure fixer” that you are sure to love. It will give you the get-slim-quick fix without dieting.

Body illusion

Define Your Shape Dress:

After the birth of my daughter, I felt that I lost my curvy figure and through proper diet and exercise I tried getting it back but no true fix. So I decided to get a well-designed dress that creates the illusion. A shape dress can give you the slimmer, curvier and sexier look! There are two-black spandex fabric panels on either side that slims off inches!! I love this dress! It was very comfortable!! I could wear it all day!! You get an hour-glass shape in an instance!!  Here is a picture of me wearing it at a meeting. The red one is a different type of shape dress.

2014-12-14 17.36.35Body Illusion dress

I hope that this helped moms all around!  I know that we are always looking for ways to feel slimmer and look great. These two get-slim-quick items can be a sure fix for your next party or event!!! For more information on these products please visit http://www.morethanmakeup.biz



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