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Beautiful Brows On A Budget

Pluck, Wax, or Thread on my!!! Tis the season to be beautiful! I know that you are preparing for your company party or family gathering for the holidays and you want to look your best, but at a budget!! Getting perfect brows isn’t like the days of old when you had to use a brow pencil!  You can get a much better look in one of these three easy ways without breaking the bank!!!

To Tweeze or not to Tweeze

Some would prefer to tweeze their brows…..OUCH!! This can be a painful experience! But if you love it, keep doing it!! There are so many different style tweezer on the market but I think that the best one is the angular tweezer. Its easier to work with when looking at the contour of your brows.  Its very simple to DIY, there are kits availble instead of having a professional tweeze them.   You have to maintain every couple of weeks. You can also get some great tips on how to maintain by Google or Youtube. This method by far will help you achieve beautiful brows for any occasion.

Wax on, Wax off

This is my choice! Its a little painful, but quick! I do go to a professional hairstylist that does it. However, they have the DIY kits available for those who just can’t afford it! I must admit that I have not tried to DIY kit but I have heard from friends that it easy to use. I must warn you to not get the wax too hot, or you will burn your skin!  I’m to afraid to do it myself, I might wax off too much!! Maintaining waxed brows isn’t costly, once a month will do the job! I suggest using a brown or black eye shadow on your brows to bring more definition

Threading…OH MY

This is one that I have tried a few times and its easy! I feel like my eyebrows are getting a massage. The results are just ok. Of course, if this is your preference, I would seek a professional! If  not done correctly, you can get injure your brow area. It is one I recommend  but not DIY. This particular method takes skills and you have to maintain them every six weeks or so.  Look for someone who has had at least 10+ years of experience or you will walk out with unmatching brows….OH MY!!!

I hope that this has helped! Brows are your face accessory. If they don’t look good, then it throws everything off!! That the first thing people will notice at your holiday party! These are sure ways to have the beautiful brows you want at a budget!!!  So choose what works for you and enjoy !!

I wonder if there are other methods out there that may work on a budget? Feel free to comment below



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