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Never Heard of Skincare Tips


Oh my God!


As a mom, I know that I strive as much as possible to care for my skin. I have a routine, branded products, and I try to protect myself from outside extremities that may affect my overall skincare beauty. But there are things that I do on a day to day basis that are affecting my skin and I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t do my research. I will love to share what I learned with you.

A. SPF is needed everyday rain or shine

If you are anything like me, when its raining or not so sunny out, I think that maybe I can skip the day cream that day……NOT!! The one thing you must remember is that UV Rays will be present rain or shine. UV Rays can harm our skin. I think about the times when I will fly in an airplane in cloudy weather, but above those clouds it can be a beautiful, sunny day and those UV Rays are coming through!!! So you need to make sure you are applying SPF in the morning. It is found in most moisturizers.

B. Throw out the plastic bottles

Are you shocked? Yes those plastic water bottles could be causing those wrinkles around your mouth.  The effort that you put in to drink  is the cause. I know that they are convenient but in the end they are doing more harm than good! The next time you think about drinking out of a plastic bottle, think of wrinkles!

C. You are sleeping in the wrong position

Ok, I have to admit, I love to sleep on my stomach or side, I find them most comfortable. But when it comes to preventing wrinkles, the best position is on your back!!!  When your skin is pressed against wrinkles in the fabric, it can cause wrinkles to your skin. Sleeping on your back is more realistic. Also getting a pillow case that is made of satin, silk or has the highest thread count will do the job too!!

I hope that your eyes are open to new ways of preventing wrinkles! Implement these things into your life now before it is too late! These are easy, cost efficient changes!! Feel free to go to http://www.morethanmakeup.biz for your moisturizers with SPF.



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